The Top Rated Bitcoin Dice Websites

If you’re looking to play some Bitcoin dice, you will want to go for the best website. But which one is it, when there are many out there, and they all have similar features? The answer is actually pretty simple: Primedice. This goes above and beyond the other dice sites by offering up:

· An automated bot built right in to the site so you can run your own custom martingale script.

· A built-in faucet so you can practice your gaming methods even without making any deposits (and risking your Bitcoins) first.

  •      · A very sleek and modern look.

Each of these is a great aspect, but the built-in martingale script mixed with the faucet are great. By utilizing both of these (especially considering you are able to bet as little as a single satoshi) you can easily run your own script tests before you start risking your own bankroll. Since the chances of winning and losing are not altered by how much you bet, it does not matter whether you are running full Bitcoins or very small fractions of them; each test will allow you to see what effects you can look forward to.

Primedice also doesn’t require any account setup. All you need to do is input a username of your choice (which can be changed at any time) and you’re good to go. For example, you can just use random characters if you wish, rather than using a name that could be linked to other accounts you may have elsewhere.

So what are the steps for getting up and running on Primedice?

  •      · Visit
  •      · Choose any username you want

· Make a deposit or visit the faucet link on the left side

  •      · Start playing

It really is that easy. And if you’re interested in using the bot that is built in to the system, that is located on the left side as well. There, you are able to choose the win chance (and amount) you want to go for, how you want to handle your bets after a win or loss, how many rolls you want to do maximum and even when you want to stop (after winning or losing a certain amount). From there you can start the bot and just let it go, and it will keep following the same rules you set for it until it either runs out of money or hits one of your goals.

With the ability to play dice just the way you want, as well as a provably fair system, it is hard to go wrong with Primedice. It is the only site that contains everything from free Bitcoins to scripts, letting you test out any theories you have prior to actually risking any of your own funds. This means if you lock on to something that works every time, you know it is (at least somewhat) safe to go with. On the other hand, if you find that one of your theories doesn’t work, you know not to risk everything on it. Check out other forms of gambling such as Bitcoin Casino