Satoshi Dice is the most popular Bitcoin dice site. They have been around since April 2012 and offer a house edge of 1.9%. The house edge is higher than other dice sites. The site is also banned to all US players.

Betting Options

Exactly like the other dice sites. Choose which one you want to roll for and the system automatically rolls and calculates the corresponding payouts.


Each roll is verified using the public blockchain and is considered provably fair. You are able to verify both your own rolls and anyone other persons rolls. Setting up your own client seed is very easy and can be done completely through the site. House edge of 1.9%.

Player Population

Satoshi Dice is one of the most highly trafficked gambling sites, due to being the first in the industry as well as being sold for a lofty $11.5 million USD. Thus, the publicy and its long standing history brings the most people. Additionally, Satoshi Dice has a very large bankroll and are capable of handling the largest of bet amounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals very fast and easy. Simply send payments via the blockchain or through, where you can deposit instantly. Withdrawals are handled on the blockchain and have a fee attached, of 0.0001 BTC.


There are no promotions going on at this time.


Satoshi is easy to use and navigate. The UI loosk great and feel for the site is elegant. Very easy to use and makes game-play a breeze.A


Cannot play on Satoshi Dice in the United States, also has the highest house edge (1.9%) out of all the Dice sites.


Satoshi Dice website site is very nice  and allows you to have full control over rolls and chances of winning.Furthermore, you can able to view a  rolling list of other people’s bets, where you can watch the activity of others. The speed at which deposits and withdrawals are handled is extremely fast and easy. But the main issue is that you cannot play on this site if you are from the United States.