Just-Dice is by far among the most popular Bitcoin dice sites there are. It allows people to jump in the game with provably fair rolls, determine their own risk, and even invest money into the bankroll in order to make profit off the gambling of themselves and others. On top of this, keeping up with what others are betting is easily done because it is all public information.

Betting Options

Prior to your roll, you are able to choose any chance to win you desire, and your payout amount will be adjusted accordingly. This lets you roll based on your own terms, rather than having to choose from specific options. To take things a step further, you are even able to choose whether you want to roll high or low.


Each roll is publicly displayed and you can easily verify that it was correct based on its provably fair system. You can verify both your own rolls and those of anyone else at any point. If you want to set your own client seed, this can also be done through the site, so you have maximum control. House Edge 1%.

Player Population

Just-Dice is one of the more highly trafficked gambling sites, partially because of the ability to both invest and play on the site. This brings in many more people, and lets you play the way you want. Along with this, it has a very large bankroll, capable of handling large bet amounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are both handled fast and easy. For deposits, you can send payments via the blockchain (through normal wallets) or through Inputs.io, where you can deposit instantly. Withdrawals are handled on the blockchain and have a fee attached, of 0.0001 BTC.


There are no promotions going on at this time, other than the ability to invest in the site’s bankroll.


Just-Dice is easy to use and navigate. All of the important aspects of the site are in the top half, and there are many other options you can enable to make game play tailored to how you want it. Along with this, there are hot keys present so you do not even need to do any clicking to play the game.


Arguably, the site needs a more modern look. It has a pretty basic look, which in this day and time just doesn’t fit in well.


The site is awesome, allows you to have full control over rolls and chances of winning, and even lets you take part (and earn money) in the bankroll. This site is further enhanced by the constantly rolling list of other people’s bets, where you can watch the activity of others. It is also pretty fast, it’s easy to deposit (and with Inputs.io is instant) and it keeps a log of your stats so you always know whether you’re up or down and by how much. If you want, you can take it a step further and create an account, allowing you to build up your stats over time.