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A Wedding is a Good Place for Magic

There’s a time and place for everything, but sometimes there are things that can fit into times and places that you would never expect. For example, a friend of mine went to https://nebmagic.com/wedding-magician-london/ to hire a magician for a wedding. When she told me that the magician would be performing at the wedding, I thought she had said something else and I was just hearing her wrong the first time, but that’s what she really said. I asked her if a wedding was the right place for a magician to perform, but she told me that it would be fine and the magician would get everyone in a relaxed mood.

On the day of the wedding, everyone was dressed up in their finest outfits, and I couldn’t tell which one of the guests was the magician. I expected the magician to be dressed in a cape and top hat with a cane in his arms like the old magicians that are usually found in television and movies, but I guess magicians don’t do that kind of thing anymore. The wedding went on as normal, and the bride and groom exchanged their vows, and everyone was moved by their words. After they became husband and wife, we all prepared for the reception afterward.

During the reception, the magician was performing, and we were loving all of the tricks that he was doing. I liked the little card trick that he did where he made the card that I picked appear in someone elses pocket and then the card was changed into a completely different card on the spot. I really thought that the guy had some kind of magic powers that he was keeping hidden. If I knew how to do that kind of magic, I would be showing it to everyone too.